Tough Love Tuesday: Don't Waste Your Mornings

Photo by Death to the Stock Photo

I've done a lot of research into people's morning routines. When I say research, I mean I've watched wayyyy too many morning routines on YouTube. This new year, I'm implementing better habits to start off my day. I work from home, so it's tough to get myself into work mode. I struggle along with everyone else on getting motivated for the day so here are a few tips for prepare yourself for your day when you work from home.

Get Out Of Bed

This is a new struggle for me since moving in with my boyfriend. When his 7am alarm goes off, we lie in bed for a few minutes, and then he starts to get ready for work. I stay in bed and nine times out of ten fall back asleep. I wake up again when he's ready to leave and then I spend 30 minutes scrambling to get my life together before I head off to my morning yoga class. I used to get up at 7am when I lived alone, so it's not a foreign concept to my body. I need to get back in the habit of getting up when the alarm goes off.

Go Technology Free

I'm pretty sure most of us fall asleep with our phones next to our beds (me included). You go to turn off your alarm, and then all of sudden 30 minutes passed, and you've spent the whole time scrolling your Instagram feed.  It's not a great way to start your day so first things first, don't even think about looking at your phone.

Breakfast Is Your Friend

I am notorious for not eating breakfast, and then I'm surprised that I feel like crap by noon. Drag yourself to the kitchen and eat something. Doesn't have to be an elaborate Instagram worthy avocado toast and latte. Nothing you will do will be useful if you're running on no fuel. Go to the grocery store and make sure you have something quick to make in the morning.

Don't Check Your Email

A significant barrier to starting your day can be checking your email. Everyone needs something from you, and by taking your first hours of the day to attend to everyone else, you just set everything you needed to do on the back burner. Ignore the inbox for and get whatever important work you need to accomplish first. 

Eat That Frog

Disgusting term but basically it means to do the most important task of your day first. Get it done and out of the way. You will be less stressed and more productive throughout the day. I listened to the audiobook of Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy and it helped me out tremendously.

What are some habits you've instituted into your morning routine? Share in the comments!