Start // My Guiding Word of 2017

Last year my guiding word was ACTION. Not a surprise if you know me. I prefer to be proactive rather than talking about all the things I want to do. People tend to think of me as someone who is always working. Always doing something. Which is true to a point. I rarely find myself with absolutely nothing to do but if I really break it down, I do a lot of busy work and not much is actually getting accomplished. So at the end of December 2016, I decided my guiding word for 2017 would be START. There are so many projects that I wanted to do but never actually started. I wanted to write more, yet I stopped writing on my blog. I wanted to take more photos for leisure but the exact opposite happened. I want to consume more. Read more books. Watch movies. Learn how people tell captivating stories. Instead of doing a bunch of stuff for the sake of being busy, I am being more conscious of what I do, what I say yes to, and what will propel me to finishing these goals that I've started.