What I Love Wednesday // 01.18.17


We're entering a very scary place in this country right now. A time when we need to be vocal about what is right and what is wrong. To fight for our basic rights as humans. It's going to be a very dark time but already I see people learning to use their voices to stand up for themselves and their neighbor. I'm a realist, which can come off as pessimistic at times. Really it means that I understand that the world sucks right now and we have to work extra hard to find the good. So I am going to bring back What I Love Wednesday, inspired by Gala Darling's Things I Love Thursday. It's a list of things that I am grateful for or that brought me enjoyment, no matter how big or small.

♥ Listening to my top songs of 2016 on Spotify. Lots of David Bowie, Hamilton, and old school No Doubt. ♥ Finishing books. Always a good feeling.  ♥ Taking lots of photos in New York City and planning out more trips there in the near future. ♥ Growing my record collection. ♥ Fancy homemade grilled cheese sandwiches. ♥ Happy Feet on Amazon Prime. It's my favorite modern animated movie. ♥ Going on photo adventures with a good friend. ♥ Practicing with tarot cards. Learning to be off book. ♥ Attempting to keep my plants alive. It's a process. ♥ Friends that will take me grocery shopping. ♥ This video from Gary Vaynerchuk with Jewel. I love Jewel after watching the video. The girl is entrepreurnr and I can't wait to read her new book. ♥