Tip Tuesday // Fake Tilt Shift in Photoshop

Last Friday I walked around downtown Providence with my friend Derek. I don’t really enjoy taking city photos here because it feels like every shot of this beautiful city has been take over and over a million times. So to do something a little different, I played around with tilt shift in Photoshop.

It’s really easy to fake tilt shift in Photoshop. I’m starting off in Lightroom because that is where I import my photos. Adjust your settings as needed but be sure to punch up the blacks to -100 and up your saturation to your liking. I liked staying around +70. Next go down to Sharpening and slide the amount to 100, detail to 45, and adjust the masking to your specifications.

Next open up the photo in Photoshop and go to Filters > Blur Gallery > Tilt Shift and that’s it! Adjust the sliders to where you want them, press ok, and you have yourself a tilt shift photo.