What I Love Wednesday // 01.13.16

♥ Getting back to a normal sleep schedule. That may be the most boring thing for me to start with but the other night I was up to 7am. That definitely reset my schedule. ♥ Having fresh veggies from the farmers market in my fridge. I need to make sure to go every weekend. ♥ Cutting out meat and becoming a pescatrian again. I've had a few weak moments here and there but I personally feel so much better when I'm not eating meat. ♥ Working out a lot more. Hitting up the gym in my building and doing yoga in my apartment. ♥ Catching up with old friends last week. Thanks Mercury Retrograde for the reunions.  ♥ Last but never least, David Bowie. We lost a hell of a man earlier this week. He has changed so many lives. I've been listening to him on repeat all week. His music lifts me up. ♥