What I Love Wednesday // 06.01.16

♥ LOUIS CK. OH. MY. GOD. He's amazing. I can't believe it was a week ago. He was the last big comedian on my list that I really wanted to see live and he did not disappoint (not like that is even an option for Louis CK). ♥ Finding new people to watch on YouTube. I'm obsessed with Jenny Mustard who I found last night. She's into minimalism (so am I) and veganism (me not so much), but she makes veganism really relatable (don't know if that's the word I'm looking for). I want to try some of her recipes! ♥ From one of Jenny's videos I found out about an Australian E! show called Fashion Bloggers and all the episodes are online! I really like that it's not like catty American E!. All the girls look like they really support each other. ♥ I went to the opening of PVDounts and ended up in the a photo everyone was sharing. Goth girl waits for donuts. ♥ Lastly I married a couple! I mentioned that in yesterday's post. You think your role of being wedding photographer is important. Try being the officiant. All the power feelings after that. ♥