+/- May 2016

+ The biggest thing that happened this month was I married a couple last Sunday. I've been ordained for nine years but never thought I would marry anyone. Now this year two couples will be married by me. 

+ I finally got to see Louis CK live. That was such an incredible experience. He had all new material. He must be coming out with a new special soon. I recommend to anyone who is a fan of stand up to see him live. He is delivery is effortless. He really is one of the greats.

+ I took a day trip to New York. My friends were going to a trade show so I tagged along and went to The Met, took photos of Rachel, walked around the East Village, and had dinner and drinks with friends. It was nice to have a day away.

- I got an ear infection this month. I get why babies are miserable when they get them. It was horrible. Also waiting over a week to get it checked out didn't help anything either.

+/- It's starting to feel like one of those months that flew by and I have no idea what happened but I think writing my What I Love Wednesday posts is actually helping me be more present to what is happening around me. It does make it hard to write these monthly posts though.