What I Love Wednesday // 07.13.16

♥ Celebrating my friend quitting her job and going full time after her entrepreneurial dreams. ♥ Finding out the random bump that grew in my cheek isn't an issue and is going away on its own. ♥  Catching up with friends at the tapas bar near my loft. I'm a legit regular there. ♥  Getting your Peapod delivery and remembering to order ice cream. ♥ Working with new clients and planning more personal projects. ♥ Ice cold shandys on a hot summer day. ♥ Obsessing over planners and notebooks. I could watch all the videos of people talking about their planners. ♥ Finding great new bars with even better food. #mofofries ♥ My air plants are sstill kicking even though my new succullent died. ♥