Style Report // Favorite Met Gala Looks

Last night was the annual Met Gala. The theme was China: Through The Looking Glass. Sunday I saw someone say on Twitter "Hey Met Gala! Don't be racist!". I didn't know what the theme was before I read that tweet and I'm happy to say that no one pulled out a racist look. Good job, guys! Here are my favorite looks from the night.

Best Dressed Couples

Best Dressed Men

Goth Vibes

Look! They Actually Followed The Theme!

Daring in Red

The Week in Photos // 05.01.15

Photoshoots from Providence to New York City // Back on my grind


+/- April 2015

+ April is birthday month for my family and friends. Needless to say, we turned up. Also, I went blonde. So that happened...

 Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset

+ The Lady Project Summit finally happened on the 18th. It was a long time coming and I was nervous but my Instagram workshop went so well. I had a packed house. Some ladies were even standing so some of y'all snuck in (don't tell Sierra). It was so popular that i am holding another one at Craftland in Providence on May 21st!

+ I did a lookbook shoot for J Marcel at the beach. It was pretty cold but we pulled through. It feels so good to be shooting again.

+ I've been spending time with like minded ladies on some secret projects. There are some great things coming up in the future and I can't wait to share them!

Day In The Life // Fashion Designer, Nick Pini

Today's Day In The Life features Rhode Island based fashion designer, Nick Pini.

All Images Provided by Nick Pini

All Images Provided by Nick Pini

How do you start off your day?

I'm totally the type of person that sets no less than ten alarms to wake myself up in the morning. Each alarm plays one of the specially curated wake-up songs I set for myself to hit 'snooze' to. I'll finally wake up, scroll through Instagram until my hands go numb, and then roll out of bed. I'll attempt to cook breakfast, brush my chops, get dressed and be out the door! 

What was your big project for the day?

Today I'm running to the botanical gardens with my cousin to snap pics of the new earring range I've come out with. I met up with her and went straight to the gardens, which is seriously the most beautiful place in Rhode Island. We walked around, took a few good pictures and hung out for a bit until they were about to close. 

Was there anything big you accomplished?

Totally, I got great pics to make little ads for Social Media! 

Did you face any challenges today?

We were starving! We were both feening for the margarita pizza and aoli sauce from Circe. It's our ritual to go there every week for or favorite meal. So that happened.

Did you do anything fun?

I got to see my cousin, I got to have my favorite meal, I got to do something I love, I could die tomorrow! (Jk!)