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Gear Works // Death To The Stock Photo

If you're not aware, the stock photography business can make you a lot of money. Also it is some of the worst photography any of us has ever scene. Picture all of those stressed out businessmen you've seen browsing the internet. Like what is going on in these photo shoots?! People actually were hired to photograph and model in these shoots! At least make them look nice and not like this one. Or this. And this. Don't know what's going on here.

So here comes Death To The Stock Photo, a free service that delivers beautiful stock photography to your email once a month. You can go premium for $10 a month and get an extra pack of photos and access to the past and future photo packs. Each month has a theme and I love the photos in each pack. I personally may not need to use stock photography since I can take my own photos when needed but this is a great service for someone who blogs and needs a quick image that doesn't look crazy for their posts. 

All photos in the post are from Death To The Stock Photo

All photos in the post are from Death To The Stock Photo